Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Fons and Porter Experience

I'm so delighted to report that I have projects in a couple of Fons and Porter publications.  The first, "Orange You Sweet?", is in the Love of Quilting September/October 2017 issue and is also available as a kit or a pattern.

The quilt is made with fabrics from the Bleecker Street and Harmony Collections from Quilting Treasures and wonderfully machine quilted by Anne Cowan.  

I was also invited to appear in the second episode of the current 3000 TV Series!  It was quite a thrill to do the filming - it was my first time to film a tutorial and, to get comfortable, I just did my best to imagine all my quilter friends and students behind the cameras!  Everyone was so friendly and fabulous.  I can't thank Vanessa, Diane, Colleen and Sara enough for their patience in guiding a newbie through this process!

You can contact your local PBS station to find out if and when they are airing the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting TV Series or you can get the DVD of each season.  I saw some of the other projects in the 3000 series and I am in awe!  It's well worth getting the DVD. 

A second project, "Hillside Harmony", appears in Quilting Quickly September/October 2017 issue.  It is made with fabrics from the Harmony Collection from Quilting Treasures.  More on this in a future blog.  In the meantime, here are both quilts with the magazines and the TV series DVD with Mini, my cat, enjoying them!

Truthfully, Mini just wanted to get in any picture I was taking that day!  Cats have minds of their own!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Latest news!

It's been an eventful few months!  But, here's the latest news.  Last week, I did an AccuQuilt demo at our local guild, County Line Quilters.  It was a wonderful experience!  AccuQuilt provided a prize package consisting of a GO! fabric cutter, a GO! Qube and a strip die.  

It was TO DIE FOR!  The winner would only need to "add fabric" and for us quilters, you know that's really not a hard thing to do.   Drawing the winner's name was the very last thing we did that evening and Pat K., who really wanted it, actually won the prize package.  So, it went to a great home!    Congratulations, Pat!

This week, the 2017 Row by Row Experience began.  At our local quilt shop, The Round Bobbin (in Ambler, PA), everyone has been busy sewing the samples and putting kits together.  "From Sea to Shining Sea" is the shop row and you can check it out on Facebook!   Here's a sneak peak!
While I wrote the pattern, it is based on Susan S.'s idea (she also made it!) and Susan A. machine quilted it perfectly! 

Speaking of Susans, my latest AccuQuilt blog tutorial using the GO! Sunbonnet Sue die has been published. 

Sunbonnet Sue is such an iconic quilting figure, it was a puzzle to come up with new ideas to present her.  Family events this past spring finally inspired my project.  I have three sisters (including another Susan!) who I do not see often.  It's even harder for us to all get together in one place at one time.   So, the blog tutorial this month is a "portrait" of my sisters and I as Sunbonnet Sues!  Check it out!  

More news to come soon!  Watch for it!  Until next time...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's a Mystery!

My latest blog for AccuQuilt is all about a Block of the Month Mystery!  While I have written a lot of Block of the Month patterns, I don't recall ever writing a Mystery Quilt pattern before!   It was quite an adventure.  I am inspired and in awe of the quilt designers who regularly come up with Mystery Quilts.  Debbie Caffrey comes to mind!  Phew!

I pulled my friend, Joyce Overberger, into it by having her make one of the samples (there are three!) in the traditional colors that she loves.

On another note, check out this small quilt I made for the guild raffle.

I had a lot of fun playing with the parallelogram die in my GO! Qube 8" Mix and Match Block!

Until next time...