Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop Opens and More Show Pictures

Opening Day for Round Bobbin Quilt Shop is Thursday, March 29!  

On another note, I cannot resist sharing more pictures from the CLQ Guild Quilt Show.  So here they are, in no particular order:
Barbara Harrison's quilt.  Just lovely.

Mary M's quilt.  Embroidery, Applique, Piecing, etc... it's all here!

Donna Steck's redwork quilt.  Quilting by Linda Carey.  

I think this is by Sue Levin?  I just love the overall effect.

One of the incredible works by Tena Kellogg.  She won Viewer's Choice for another quilt at this show.

Joyce Hughes' award-winning entry in the 2010 Patriotic Quilts contest.   She made it in honor of her nephew.  The quilt is part of the "God Bless America" Touring Quilts.  Any proceeds from these benefit wounded soldiers and families of the fallen.  
I hope you enjoyed these pictures and hope to see you at the new quilt shop!

Links:  God Bless America Touring Quilts:

Round Bobbin Quilt Shop Blog:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Show

What a whirlwind weekend!  The County Line Quilters Guild Quilt Show was held over the weekend.  Here are some pictures...
A partial view of my vendor booth.
Round Bobbin Quilt Shop booth at the show.

Carol Breinig's Double Wedding Ring quilt (Peter's Quilt) - complete with trapunto.  I awarded her my Vendor's Choice ribbon and she also won a Viewer's Choice Honorable Mention.  

Isn't this fun?  Joyce Overberger's Owl Quilt - an original design!
Odds and Ends by Joyce Overberger again.  Won a Vendor's Choice as well as Viewer's Choice 2nd place.  What a thrill!

Joyce Hughes' quilt - the Viewer's Choice winner.  

Sally Malley's quilt.  Great story.

Sandy McKenney's dodecahedron "quilt".  There's an exercise ball in there! 

The quilt I had to cut in half to share with my friend, Patty.  This is My Half!

The most popular mini-quilt at the Mini Quilt Raffle, this small quilt was created by Joyce Hughes and  I was super-lucky to have won it!!!  

A touching tribute quilt by Joyce Hughes.  A Vendor's Choice winner.

A blast from the past!  Lynne Tomlinson's crazy quilt  was made from a  Block of the Month I designed for a local quilt shop several years ago!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.   Over 200 quilts at the show and these were just some of my favorites.  I am just sorry I can't post them all!  Credit also goes to Kim Pope who quilted a couple of these quilts.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Exciting News

Check out (and LIKE) the wonderful  facebook page of Quilter's World Magazine especially today, March 21st.  Today, Urban Rainbow (see pic and previous post) and yours truly will be getting a mention!  (Jumping up and down!)  Can't wait to see it!  Lots of thanks to Amy who's making this happen.
Photo courtesy of DRG.

More exciting news - a new quilt shop is opening in Southeast PA!  The Round Bobbin is set to open next week sometime.   Check the website's blog for more news.  Susan Sasser is the awesome owner and if you're a quilter from this area, you'll see familiar faces when the shop opens!    I sneaked the following pics of the shop as of Monday.  :)

It's gonna be fabulous!!!!  

We're not done yet!  Even MORE exciting news!!!  County Line Quilters Guild Quilt Show is this coming weekend!  Well over 200 guild member quilts in addition to some special exhibits will be on display.  There will be vendors (including myself) and demos and lots of chances to win stuff and there will be food, too!  The raffle quilt is my own design (YAY!) and created by guild member as well as quilted by my buddy, Kim Pope.     
Don't forget - Check out the facebook page of Quilter's World Magazine and tell me what you think!