Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Show

What a whirlwind weekend!  The County Line Quilters Guild Quilt Show was held over the weekend.  Here are some pictures...
A partial view of my vendor booth.
Round Bobbin Quilt Shop booth at the show.

Carol Breinig's Double Wedding Ring quilt (Peter's Quilt) - complete with trapunto.  I awarded her my Vendor's Choice ribbon and she also won a Viewer's Choice Honorable Mention.  

Isn't this fun?  Joyce Overberger's Owl Quilt - an original design!
Odds and Ends by Joyce Overberger again.  Won a Vendor's Choice as well as Viewer's Choice 2nd place.  What a thrill!

Joyce Hughes' quilt - the Viewer's Choice winner.  

Sally Malley's quilt.  Great story.

Sandy McKenney's dodecahedron "quilt".  There's an exercise ball in there! 

The quilt I had to cut in half to share with my friend, Patty.  This is My Half!

The most popular mini-quilt at the Mini Quilt Raffle, this small quilt was created by Joyce Hughes and  I was super-lucky to have won it!!!  

A touching tribute quilt by Joyce Hughes.  A Vendor's Choice winner.

A blast from the past!  Lynne Tomlinson's crazy quilt  was made from a  Block of the Month I designed for a local quilt shop several years ago!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.   Over 200 quilts at the show and these were just some of my favorites.  I am just sorry I can't post them all!  Credit also goes to Kim Pope who quilted a couple of these quilts.



  1. It WAS a fun show, we really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun for me to see those familiar faces again, including yours, that I hope to see more of at The Round Bobbin! Lucky you for winning that mini. (Kathie Haney)

  2. Thanks Gina! I'm so bummed that I missed the show! The quilts are gorgeous, I can't wait to see the Round Bobbin when it opens!
    Congrats on winning your beautiful mini-quilt!

  3. Hi Gina, I wanted to let you know that your quilt "Walk Among the Stars" that was printed in Quilter's World 2010, was the perfect pattern with perfect colors for a quilt for my daughter! She had been after me to make her a black, white, hot pink and a bright lime green quilt but I was stumped as to what pattern I wanted to use. So I sat down one afternoon and went through my enormous collection of magazines and low and behold I came across "Walk Among the Stars!" And I knew immediately that this was the perfect quilt for my daughter Alexa. The quilt has been completely finished and I did the quilting on my home machine (a Janome). I was looking for a way to send you photos of her with her quilt and a couple of the quilting that I did on it, but I can't find where I can attach the photos. If you would like to see please let me know where to send them. I want to thank you for the perfect pattern using almost the exact color fabrics. I had so much fun putting this quilt together and your instructions were picture perfect!! Again thank you and Quilter's World for giving me the incentive I needed to make yet another heirloom for my family! I hope you have a Blessed Week. Maria Carroll 337-945-8152