Friday, April 13, 2012

Of Dogs, Quilt Shops and 5 Cent Bags

First, I just wanted to share these pictures of Roxy and her "cousin", Lucky.  Aren't they adorable?!  
Lucky generously shares his bed with Roxy.
Lucky just chillin' after Roxy took over the whole bed!
Roxy as the Easter bunny! 
We went to Montgomery County in Maryland last weekend to visit with family.  We learned pretty quickly about the 5 Cent Bag Tax.  Have you heard about it?  

Basically, as I understand it, all retailers in that county now charge 5 cents for every bag - paper or plastic.  So go to any retail shop, whether it's the supermarket or the quilt shop or the craft store, etc, and make sure you have your recyclable bag in hand.  Otherwise, be prepared to fork over the 5 cents or carry your purchases in your hands.   I know the intentions behind the tax are really good for the planet but, boy, I missed those free bags!!   

What do you think about it?

On the same trip, I went to visit Capital Quilts, the local quilt shop in Gaithersburg.  After finding just the right fabrics for a project, I checked out and, of course, did not receive a shopping bag.  The woman who was helping me was so generous and  gave me a recycled fabric bag instead for no charge.  She even matched my purple fabrics with the bag!  Recycling fabric totes (which quilters have a ton of!) is a fabulous idea!  

Recycled tote from Capital Quilts!  Thank you!
Speaking of quilt shops, the new local quilt shop, The Round Bobbin in Horsham is having the Grand Opening tomorrow, Saturday, April 14.  There will be demos, door prizes, specials, food and even a drawing for a Bernina sewing machine!  So be sure to drop by.   

Oh, and just one more picture I had to share!

Mini lying on top of multiple pillows and blankets.
Look at those eyes!!!

Link:  The Round Bobbin Grand Opening  -