Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Exciting News

Check out (and LIKE) the wonderful  facebook page of Quilter's World Magazine especially today, March 21st.  Today, Urban Rainbow (see pic and previous post) and yours truly will be getting a mention!  (Jumping up and down!)  Can't wait to see it!  Lots of thanks to Amy who's making this happen.
Photo courtesy of DRG.

More exciting news - a new quilt shop is opening in Southeast PA!  The Round Bobbin is set to open next week sometime.   Check the website's blog for more news.  Susan Sasser is the awesome owner and if you're a quilter from this area, you'll see familiar faces when the shop opens!    I sneaked the following pics of the shop as of Monday.  :)

It's gonna be fabulous!!!!  

We're not done yet!  Even MORE exciting news!!!  County Line Quilters Guild Quilt Show is this coming weekend!  Well over 200 guild member quilts in addition to some special exhibits will be on display.  There will be vendors (including myself) and demos and lots of chances to win stuff and there will be food, too!  The raffle quilt is my own design (YAY!) and created by guild member as well as quilted by my buddy, Kim Pope.     
Don't forget - Check out the facebook page of Quilter's World Magazine and tell me what you think!  


  1. Congrats Gina! You've worked hard on your designs, it's great to see them get the attention they deserve!

  2. Great news all around! See you at the show on Sunday. (Kathie Haney)