Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Meeting with friends over strawberries and cream on pound cake and angel food cake - what more could you want?  At last evening's guild meeting, we got to enjoy the strawberries first and afterwards, Mary and Robin organized some awesome demos by members including yours truly.  I got to share the joys of needle felting and, today, read all about the good times on Nancy's blog!    Woo-hoo!

I'm working on an upcoming pattern this week but I'm truly looking forward to Saturday when some friends and I are going to a Ranae Merrill class in Maryland.  She does those AMAZING spiral quilts and I've always wanted to do one.  The stars aligned just right for this class and we're all just so excited about this road trip.  This means that there won't be any last-minute Saturday night heroics trying to finish my UFO of the week!  I actually will have to squeeze that in between writing patterns and walking the dog.

Speaking of the dog, I figure it's time to share some doggie pics.  Here's a couple of our social butterfly, Roxy:
Roxy looking dignified.
Forget about dignity here...
She has volunteered and is scheduled to give at the doggie blood bank tomorrow.  Each donation could be used to help up to 4 sick dogs.  This doesn't lessen the butterflies in my stomach.  Roxy will be fine, I'm sure but I do believe I will need some good wishes out there!

The latest issue of Quilter's World just came out.  It includes my pattern for the Alphabet Animals Flash Cards Quilt using the fabric line of the same name by Lisa DeJohn for Red Rooster Fabrics.  So far, I have received 2 phone calls from quilters looking for the adorable alphabet panel.  And, they're getting increasingly hard to find!  Unfortunately, I didn't stock up on these panels and can only wish those searching the best of luck!  I just know they will be in a quilt shop somewhere.
Alphabet Animal Flash Cards Quilt
Photo courtesy of Quilter's World Magazine.

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