Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing Hooky

Years ago, as a new quilter, I took a class at the LQS to learn how to make a Stack and Whack quilt based on the book by Bethany Reynolds. The pattern was for a lap size – I can't remember if it was for 12 or 20 blocks. Well, my over-enthusiastic (and ambitious) self decided to modify the pattern and aimed for a queen-size quilt that would use about 30 blocks. That Stack and Whack quilt is currently a UFO!

I do find making Stack and Whack blocks quite enjoyable and so, most, if not all, blocks were completed soon after.  Over the years, the quilt has grown and is now sewn together using 20 blocks. If I simply wanted it done and out of the way, the next steps would be borders, quilting, and binding. However, in my heart, I really, truly want to make that queen-size quilt. I hate giving up. The main obstacle to finishing this quilt, whatever size it turns out to be, is that I changed my mind about the borders and now intend to use the dark background fabric. Of course, I thought that was next to impossible because not only did I not purchase enough of that fabric years ago, it is a very distinct, very hard-to-find shade of dark teal.

Late last week, the partially completed quilt finally went on a fabric road trip with me, quite resolved to find a substitute fabric that could work in the border. Naturally, I was also on a fabric-buying expedition for another project! Multi-tasking you might say. As I was looking at the blues for this other project, to my delight and surprise, the exact dark teal fabric I had used in my Stack and Whack quilt literally fell off the shelf and right into my arms!!! WOW! More than five years later, the fabric was still available?! YES! Thanks to Jinny Beyer's wonderful idea of creating a lasting palette of tonal quilting fabrics. Even better, the new fabric matches the original so much they could have come from the same dye lot. How truly awesome is that? Now, I'm hoping to finish that Stack and Whack quilt top this summer – fingers crossed!
Week 3 UFO - quilt top done!

When I got home from that miraculous fabric road trip, that week's UFO called to me and, with a burst of energy, I finished a bright and cheery quilt top of my own design. It was just a fun quilt to make. 

Spiral Mandala design
 The following day was my class with Ranae Merrill on learning how to make a Spiral Mandala quilt. What do you think – does my design show promise? The colors are just for contrast and not representative of the fabrics. Here's the actual first sewn unit that would go right in the center.
First Sewn Unit
shown with the Magic Mirrors!

 It's the first of about 40 units, not including the background! If it weren't for the many things crowding my scheduling this week, I would have been sewing away on that quilt. Looking forward to the next couple of days when I can do so. I will admit to being hooked!

Speaking of hooking, I confess that I played hooky with this week's UFO. Ugh! I promise that in the next couple of days, before I play with the spiral mandala project, I will finish this week's UFO. It's got a fun story that I'll write about when I get it done.

Quick updates:
Roxy – she was such a trooper, donating a pint of blood last week. She led everyone into the room and was very relaxed and cooperative, as though she had done it a thousand times. I'm sure the treats being given left and right didn't hurt!

Sue with the one-seam sundress – apparently not quite as easy since the sundress needed to be hemmed and the shoulder straps need to be made. Oh, well...


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  1. LOL how fortuitous for you to find your EXACT fabric! Only would this happen to you,I mean how many of us run out or decide to go larger and look for a certain print to be thwarted! Hurry up and finish it Gina!
    Yay Roxy! Good dog!